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 The Art and Business of Directing Commercials

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PostSubject: The Art and Business of Directing Commercials   Thu Oct 09, 2008 2:44 pm

The 30-Second Storyteller: The Art and Business of Directing Commercials

# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 1598632264
# ISBN-13: 978-1598632262

Imagine a job where you need to work only 10 days a year to make $100,000. A job that allows you to be a
respected artist, a savvy craftsman, and a hip partygoer who hangs out with celebrities, superstars, and top
models. No need to wear a tie and suit. No corporate office hours, and no supervising department heads
checking your time card. At your command explosions occur, cars crash, helicopters swoop, and you are expected
to spend a million dollars in a week or two. This job exists. It's called a commercial director, the creative mind
behind the production of a TV spot.

While being a commercial director may be one of the coolest jobs in the world,
it's also one of the toughest jobs to get (and keep). The 30-Second Storyteller: The Art and Business of Directing
Commercials teaches any filmmaker how to get work as a commercial director, how to navigate the pitfalls of
production, and how to get clients to keep coming back to you for more. The book is not a textbook on directing
-- plenty of other books cover that. Rather, The 30-Second Storyteller focuses on directorial challenges specifically
related to creating a TV spot -- the techniques involved, the technologies of choice, and the obstacles that come
between you and a successful career. It begins by teaching you how to get your foot in the door -- creating a spec
reel, picking a specialty, getting signed with a production company, and successfully bidding for projects. It then covers
the production of a commercial from preproduction through the shoot, all the way to finishing in post-production.
Examples from a real-world commercial are utilized throughout to illustrate concepts. The book concludes with advice
on obtaining work abroad, and making the jump from commercials to features, as TV ads are a training ground for
Hollywood's next blockbuster director. Filmmakers like Ridley Scott, Michael Bay, David Fincher, Jonathan Glazer,
Tarsem and Zack Snyder have all gotten their start in commercials.

Download Here
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The Art and Business of Directing Commercials
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