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 Computer Shopper, September 2008

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PostSubject: Computer Shopper, September 2008   Thu Oct 09, 2008 5:47 pm

Complete CPU Guide
Pick the right processor for your next PC.

Computer Cures
Shopper's computer guru solves
all of your computer woes, including how to fix screen resolution when
using an HDTV as a PC monitor and how to keep desktop resolution from
blowing out.

Network Your Computers
Sharing photos, music, and
other files between multiple systems in your home can seem difficult,
but it doesn't have to be. In just 5 easy steps, you can be setting up
your own personal network in no time.

Buying Basics
How to buy the right desktop-replacement laptops.
PDF | 29.1 MB

Download link 1
Download link 2
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Computer Shopper, September 2008
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